Pontus Börjesson


Concept development, app, UI/UX


Doritos – Are you bold enough?

The triangle-shaped snack king who's famous for their bold brand-approach and communication. 



Doritos where on a hunt for a new creative agency to raise brand awareness in the nordic countries. We competed with other agencies over the same blurry brief; Create a engaging concept with a physical activation.

What we did:

We sparked their interest by creating a concept called; "Are you bold enough?" which contained both a digital and physical solution. Since people in the nordic countries are well known for being introverted, we wanted to break old habits and making people connect on a new, fun and engaging level. The reaction led us to be Doritos new creative agency.



The Icebreaker App

The toughest part of a conversation is to spark interest and whether if it's by LinkedIn or Tinder, it's about what you bring to the table. We wanted to encourage people to start a digital conversation with strangers, effortless and through humour. Doritos Icebreaker is an application that works both as a community for bold one-liners and as a iOS-integrated keyboard where you a few taps away can send the perfect icebreaker to start a chat with someone.


Effective navigation

After extensive research about navigation efficiency i decided to choose the tab bar version since the traditional hamburger menu causes friction in the users experience.




App Icon


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