Pontus Börjesson
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Web, UI/UX, Illustration


The caring mobile operator

Fello is a small mobile operator from Sweden that focuses on transparency and honesty towards it’s customers.



Fello had a good business model and a modern outlook, however they struggled to reach their desired audience as much as they wanted to, nor convincingly attract them.

What we did:

A brand-facelift, new website and something to portray the vision of the founders was in order. We took the meaning of the name (Fello) and created a symbol with a relatable story to the ”everyday-person”: That Fello is on your side and not a huge faceless company that doesn’t care about your interests.



The Website

The new website for Fello.se was created using heat-maps from their old site to track the user behaviours and making sure previous mistakes doesn’t re-occur. Integrating the characters on the Fello gradients for playfullness, more visible buttons and more relevant content overall. 


Wireframe: Product

Full design: Product








Creating unique characters

A Fello is your friend, more specifically the type of friend that supports you through all your journeys, good and bad. A good friend never has to tell you how good of a friend he is, he shows it through his actions instead. We brought that feeling into the Fello-characters, making them look cute and friendly. Just like the company vision itself.




We created a few different environments for the Fello’s where the concept could be visualised. The characters experience small but still tough situations where they curiously try things out. Showing that even if you fail in this big world, Fello always got your back.


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