Pontus Börjesson


Innovation, concept development


Volvo Cars

The well-known global vehicle manufacturer from Sweden.


Original Brief:

"How can Volvo add value via digital?".

A very wide and complex brief for a company at the size of Volvo we said. So we broke it in to parts and gathered information from various people through interviews, both employees and people not involved with the brand.


"Extend the Volvo Cars experience to make people feel secure in traffic"

We then took the observations and came to some insights. Volvo is the safest car brand out there through various technologies, but safety is not sexy. The car industry are moving more towards software and data, than just hardware.


We told them; "What if you crowdsource innovation by opening up your API?"

Where there's money, there's interest and by opening up the API we create business in and around your vehicle and you can let the community run it, just like App Store. So we delivered three well received concepts to visualize the business possibilities.


Extend the Volvo experience

Volvo is not in the business of producing cars – they are in the business of transporting people from A to B. They've always been ahead of the curve when it comes to safety and well-being while doing that, so it felt natural in trying to extend that experience outside of the vehicles as well. 



On Course

Learning how to drive has always been a hassle, for both the teacher and the student. So why not let the Volvo do the most of the job for you? Since the car collects every single piece of data Volvo could by a nicely designed software create a tailor made learning journey for the student. Track errors, previous routes and collect your progress, session after session. The video below displays just a minor example of how that might look.




Accidents including pedestrians with headphones has tripled in the last six years and the numbers continues to rise. Whether it's because of new silent electric cars or that people pay more attention to their music while crossing the street, the damage could still be life-threatening. Volvo X-Roads brings a lifeguard solution to this problem by sending a notification from your car to the headphone-listening pedestrian to make him aware.




Global warming is a hot topic right now, yet a lot people still use the environment around them as a trashcan. What if every Volvo-vehicle could track and find any roadside litter the car passes by and send the data to garbage collecting companies such as Renova so they could make more effective routes? 



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